Srikaton – Maintain Women’s Beauty

Srikaton - Maintain Women's Beauty

Jamu Srikaton pill is effective to maintain women’s beauty. It makes the face radiant, prevents vaginal discharge, strengthens the uterus and stimulates blood circulation. Women after 40 days of giving birth are recommended to take this pill to keep the body slim, firm and youthful.
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Siputih – Maintain The Health Of Feminine Organ

Siputih - Maintain The Health Of Feminine Organ

For the health of feminine organ.

After years of careful research on our traditional recipes inherited by the ancestors, our company is proud to present a cure for fluor albus ( yeast infection / leucorrhea / pek tay ). Siputih capsule is made from selected herbs and plant extracts such as Elephantopi Folium, Piperis Folium, modernly processed according to traditional Indonesian formula. For easy and practical use, this herbal cure is now available in the form of capsule. Women suffering from yeast infection will surely find relief after regularly consuming Siputih capsule.
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