Various Herbal Drinks of Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza)

Temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) is native to Indonesia that has been known and used since antiquity. Various uses of temulawak spread in various regions in Indonesia. In the area of West Java, temulawak is widely used to soften the skin. While in Bali, used to aid digestion and overcome flatulence.

Many herbal recipes can be made of temulawak ingredients, as recipes for beauty, cure diseases, and prevention of disease.


Eliminating Acne

1 rhizome of temulawak/Curcuma xanthorrhiza
1/2 rhizome of kencur/Kaempferia galanga
1/4 tbsp cumin seeds
1 stalk of ripe tamarind
1 piece of palm sugar
8 glasses of water
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Benefits of Ginger for Health

Many of us already known what it is ginger. However, there are still many who do not know what the shape of the ginger plant. Ginger is a rhizome plants are very popular as spice and medicinal materials. In Latin, ginger is often referred to as Zingiber officinale.

Ginger is commonly used as spice in cooking, but it can also be used as refreshing drink. Plant part used is the tuber which is magnification of the rhizome. Ginger has aromatic smell with a refreshing spicy flavor.

Ginger is also frequently used by some people as body warmers, especially when the weather is cold and raining continuously.
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Helps To Treat Uric Acid Disease with Fruit and Vegetables Juices

Someone said to disturbance of uric acid (gout,rheumatics, arthritis) when levels of uric acid in the blood exceeds normal limits, ie 7 mg%. The disease is characterized by swelling in the knee joints and fingers with pain. This happens because the accumulation of crystals of uric salt and the metabolism of food containing purines.

Uric acid levels are very closely linked to food consumed. Therefore, dietary adjustments are needed. Limit consumption of food high in purines, such as the brain, liver, kidney, innards, duck, mussels, clams, broccoli, and others. Consume more fruits and vegetables to keep the body’s resistance to infection more severe.
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Efficacy and Chemical Composition of Temulawak (Curcuma Xanthorrhiza)

Temulawak/Curcuma xanthorrhiza are found in the forests of the tropics. It also breed on dry land around settlements, especially in loose soil, so the rhizomes is easy to grow big.

Curcuma xanthorrhiza is original herbal plant from Indonesia, which is commonly called temu lawak. In  Java known as temulawak, in Sunda called koneng gede, whereas in Madura called temu labak. In English, called javanese tumeric/javanese ginger. In China known as jiang huang, and in Arab called Kurkum.

Temulawak including species of herbaceous plants that form pseudo-stem tree trunk and the height can reach 2 meters. The leaves are wide and on each sheet is connected to the midrib and petiole that is rather long. It has a uniquely shaped flowers, it clustered and has dark yellow color.
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Facilitate the Digestive Tract and Prevent Constipation with Juices

Constipation is a disorder of the digestive tract where patients have difficulty to remove the remnants of digestion (feces). As a result, the stool becomes hard and when removing it requires a strong force. If this condition is left unchecked, could resulted in an hemorrhoids.

To overcome this, it takes a healthy diet, containing enough water and fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber can accelerate food transit time in the digestive tract. Fiber also increases stool weight as a result of its ability to bind water so the stool will be more easily removed.
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Helps To Treat Liver Disorders with Juices

One of the liver disorder that often appears is hepatitis. Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver tissue, causing inflammation. Causes of this disease are viruses, parasites, toxins or drugs.

Many types of well known viral hepatitis are hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Hepatitis A is transmitted through food. While hepatitis B is transmitted through needles, blood transfusions, pregnant mother to the fetus, and so on.

Hepatitis can be cured through thoroughly treatment. Uncontrolled hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis of the liver which is a malignant cancer and difficult to cure. Setting a good diet is an important part in the healing process of this disease. To replace damaged tissue, should increase the consumption of food sources of protein. In addition, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables to boost immunity. Fruits and vegetables to treat disorders of the heart / liver among other grapes, passion fruit, melon, and carrots.
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