Temulawak – Help To Maintain Liver Health

Temulawak - Help To Maintain Liver Health

Help to maintain liver health.

Liver plays a big role in the body system because it functions as filter of blood that carrier various components, both beneficial and toxic elements (hepatotoxic). Unhealthy eating habit, alcoholic beverages, and excessive medicine consumption can lead to liver problems. Temulawak Pill is produced from selected curcuma root. Various researches and empirical experiences confirm that curcuma is very effective to alleviate liver problem (including hepatitis), normalize liver function, besides increasing appetite and maintaining immune system. Consuming Temulawak Pill regularly will help to maintain the health of liver function.
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Asi Capsule – Made For Women Who Breastfeed Her Baby

Asi Capsule - Made For Women Who Breastfeed Her Baby

Smoothen lactation.

Asi capsule is made from selected and high quality plant leaves, barks and herbs, blended according to traditional Indonesian recipes. Asi capsule is made for women who breastfeed their babies, especially for mothers who have not enough mother milk to satisfy the needs of their infants. This capsule is guaranteed not harmful to their babies. For easy and practical use this herbal cure available in hte form of capsule.
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